The tuition centre is situated near McDonald's and the Chorlton Bus Station.

The centre opened in 2004 and specialises in Years 3-6.

Parents are welcome to call without appointment with their child and often the child can be assessed while you wait, although if you want to make sure there is enough time, please ring up first. We are usually open every day after school except for Friday, and we are usually open on Saturday and Sunday after 2 o'clock.

We specialise in the
following areas:
  • 11 Plus
  • Entrance exams
  • Key Stages 1 & 2
  • Handwriting
  • Essay writing
  • Helping children who are behind at school.
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Tel: 0161 881 6969

Traditional Teaching
We use traditional teaching methods which we have found to be most effective in helping children to improve at school. For example, we teach the standard methods of division and multiplication which many children are not able to do by the time they reach Year 6.

Essay Examples

Lined paper